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Boiling Point

Creators of the “mini wok on a box,” Boiling Point is a celebrated Taiwanese Hot Soup restaurant with locations in California, Washington, Canada, and China. Large bowls packed with fresh ingredients rest on patented, custom-designed hot soup holders. With 10 hot soup flavors to choose from—including Korean Bean Paste, Angus Beef, Pomelo Flavor, and the “Flaming” Taiwanese Spice Hot Soup—diners can choose their preferred spice level, opt to upgrade their bowl, and order add-ons to customize it to their liking. This location is a concept store version of Boiling Point, a version that was first created in the Pasadena location in 2015. Not only does this concept store introduce healthier organic menu options, there are also new hot soup flavors and higher grade cuts of meat. Spread the warmth, one hot soup at a time.


19600 Vallco Parkway #130
Cupertino CA, 95014


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